Client Resources

Below you will find a series of worksheets and informational handouts which are provided to you as a resource.  Please use these to assist you throughout the year with all things individual, business, and tax related.  Never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Individual Resources

Buy-Sell Agreements

Capital Gains &Losses

Charitable Contributions Guide

Charitable Contributions Record-keeping Requirements

Charitable Non-cash FMV Guide

College Financial Aid Planning

Consumer Credit

Coronavirus Legislation- Individuals

Death of a Taxpayer

Dependent Support Worksheet

Divorce & Taxes

Early Retirement Distributions

Estate Tax Forms

Estimated Taxes-Explained

Extending your Return

Families with Children

Filing Status

Foreign Accounts

Gambling Log

Gift Tax

Health Savings Accounts

High Income Taxpayers

Hobby vs. Business

Itemized Deductions- Homeowners

Itemized Deductions- Interest Paid

Itemized Deductions- Medical Expenses

Itemized Deductions- Taxes Paid

Kiddie Tax

Multi-State Taxation

Newlyweds Tax Tips

Pension Income Planning

Retirement Income

Retirement- Qualified Charitable Distribution

Retirement- Required Minimum Distributions

Retirement- Roth IRA

Retirement- Traditional IRA

Sale of a Principal Residence

Saving for College

Saving for Retirement

Social Security & Medicare

Standard vs. Itemized Deduction

Tax Facts & Figures

Tax Scams

Taxable Social Security Benefits

Withholding- Filling Out Form W-4

Business Resources

Business Entity Comparison Chart

Business Entity Pro's & Con's

Business Expenses Worksheet

Business Financing- Don't Intermingle Funds

Business Management Tips

Business Owners- Taking Money Out of a Business

Business Use of Home

Day Care Providers Income & Expenses

Employee or Independent Contractor

Expense Reimbursements for Employees

Farm Expenses Worksheets

Farm Income Worksheets

Farm Inventory and Accounting Methods

Farm Vehicles & Fuels

Form 1099-MISC & Form 1099-NEC Reporting

Fringe Benefits

Health Care Reform- Employer Insurance Requirement

Limited Liability Companies (LLC's)

Mileage & Expense Log

On-Demand Drivers


Qualified Business Income Deduction

Real Estate Professionals

Recordkeeping for Tax Purposes

Rental Income & Expense Worksheet

Rental Income & Expenses

Repairs vs. Improvements

S Corporations

Self-Employment Tax

Short-Term Rentals

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

Starting a Business

Vehicles- Business Use

Other Resources