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PKC 3 LLC has been a staple of our community through our expertise in tax preparation for the last 10 years, but are taxes the only thing we do? What is everyone up to now that it isn't tax season? Do we all just go home for the remainder of summer and come back in February?

No, no we don't. PKC 3 LLC does have a large focus on taxes, but our services don't end there. We work hard throughout the year to continue to provide excellent service and knowledge to our clients. Whether you're an individual or a business owner, we probably have a service that would make your life easier.

So what else do we do throughout the year?


No matter your situation, this year has been strange. With so many new updates and changes everyday, it's even been difficult for us to keep up (but don't worry, we definitely are!). If you're feeling a little confused on how the latest changes may be affecting you for 2020 taxes, call us. We will be offering fall consultations to help you get a better idea of where you're at, as well as see if there's anything you need to change so you have the best outcome for your taxes.

It's important to be aware of your financial and tax situation, as well as be educated about new laws and updates as this next years tax season will end up being different for everyone. Feel free to call us today to set up a consultation either in person, over the phone, or over Zoom!

2. Business Start Up

Right now there is such a surge of people starting up side gigs and pursuing their passions. If that's you, make sure you give us a call! There's a lot that goes into starting a business that you may not realize. We offer customizable packages that can cover all your new business needs from sales tax help, all the way to logo and marketing consulting.

As a small business, we have intimate knowledge with the start up process, as well as the steps you should take after starting your business. On top of that, we offer lots of business services from payroll, to compilation, and even HR. Call us today for a free initial consultation!

3. Payroll

If you own a business with even one employee, payroll is probably a huge headache for you. There are so many legalities and details you have to think about. Odds are it's taking up a ton of your time, and taking you away from actually running your business! Outsourcing payroll can be a huge stress reliever and can allow you more time for the important things.

We customize everything to your company. From different types of employee to different clock out systems. We make it a priority to create a smooth and efficient payroll system that will make your life easier. Contact us today for more information!

4. HR

We've recently introduced Human Resources as a service we can provide to our business owners! Gina is our HR specialist, and she's here to take on HR matters so you don't have to! Hire her on an as-needed basis for everything from an HR Handbook to monthly reviews of business practices and issues.

Having an on-site HR person for your company can be expensive and excessive. We're here as you need us, and we can offer you different levels of packages to fit your exact needs. To learn more, shoot us an email or give us a call!

5. Spending Time with Our Families and Relaxing

Though we are still here full time throughout the year, working hard for you, we are able to take more time to spend with the people we love and pursuing things we love! We always try to do this during tax season, but it's definitely easier to do so during the off season.

Renae has been taking time with her family up north at their family cabin. Her and her husband, kids, and dogs enjoy time on the lake, relaxing, and being outdoors.

Sheri has been spending lots of time biking. She even bikes to work almost everyday. She's also been enjoying time with her kids out on the Mississippi and in their pool.

Mariette has been working from home since about mid April. Though we haven't seen her much, we know outside of her daily work with our business clients, she's been enjoying having her kids home for the summer and spends lots of time with them outdoors and hiking.

Gina has also been working from home, and enjoying the summer weather on her motorcycle! She's been working hard to fine tune our new HR systems and is excited to start serving PKC clients in this way!

Savannah (front desk) is getting married this month! She's excited to be starting this new chapter of her life, even if it's a little later than expected due to COVID. She's been enjoying photographing people and nature this summer and is excited for the busy photography season this fall.

6. So Much More

As always, there is so much going on behind the scenes here. We work hard every day to improve our systems and expertise so we can better serve you. We are always looking to move forward and continue to expand our knowledge and services. We appreciate all of you and all you do to support us, from utilizing our services, referring us to friends and family, to something as simple as leaving us a review on google or Facebook. Thank you for a wonderful tax season. We look forward to seeing you next year and maybe even a little sooner!


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