What to expect from PKC 3 LLC this Tax Season

The past year has been anything but ordinary, and this tax season is looking like it will follow suit. PKC staff is committed to serving our clients, but there will be changes from prior years to ensure the health and safety of our clients and employees.

1. Secure Drop Box

Clients will now be able to drop off tax documents, payments, and other paperwork, without having to enter the building. The drop box is located to the right of our building doors (pictured below). With 24-hour access, you can drop off documents conveniently and safely. This box is locked and secured inside our office building. Due to limited space, we do ask for larger packages and bundles to be dropped off during office hours. Please place all documents, forms, or payments, in a sealed envelope with your name and phone number written on it. The drop box will be emptied continually during weekly office hours, but less so on the weekends, so keep this in mind as it will fill quickly.

2. Drop Offs are Encouraged

If you are a returning client, please feel free to cancel your prescheduled appointment and drop off your tax paperwork at our front desk or using our secure drop box to minimize contact. We will prepare your tax return in the same priority and will call you with any questions or missing documents. When the tax return is finished, we can discuss the return with you on the phone so that you have the opportunity to understand any changes and ask specific questions that you may have. You do not need an appointment to drop off. We are open Monday-Friday from 8-5, and documents can be dropped off (and picked up after the return is complete) anytime during those hours, or after if using the drop box.

3. Electronic Processing

For those that are able, please consider using electronic means to complete your tax return for 2020. We have a secure client portal which allows you to easily upload files using a scanner, or even your cell phone to take photos. Once the return is completed, we will send your completed tax return electronically and have you sign electronically. It's easy, simple, and can be completed from home! Please remember that you should NOT email your tax documents without using a secure, encrypted software to reduce the risk of identity theft.

4. Zoom Meetings

Virtual meetings using Zoom software will be available as a solution to avoid face to face interaction, while still going through and discussing your tax situation. We recommend this for new clients, as well as those who had substantial changes within the past year. With combining the use of Zoom and electronic upload, you will be able to meeting with your tax preparer to understand your tax return and have your questions answered.

5. Masks in the Office

Due to the state-wide mask mandate, we ask all clients to wear masks throughout their time in our office. Though we are encouraging other methods to minimize contacts, we are continuing to offer face to face meetings for those that request them. Masks will be worn during the duration of all client interactions in the office.

6. Pick up Appointment

Instead of having an appointment when you first bring your taxes in, we are offering the option to move that appointment to when you pick them up. You can drop off or electronically upload your tax paperwork, and we will prepare them. Once they're done, we'll set up an appointment (either face to face or over Zoom) to go over the finished tax return with you, answer any questions, and make changes if needed. This is a great option that only involves you stopping in one time.

7. Curbside drop off and pick up

This year, feel free to give us a call when you're outside our building. We'll run out and grab your paperwork from you so you don't even have to get out of your car! When the return is done, you can pull up and call us again. We'll run things out to you and have you sign right in your vehicle! It's easy, simple, and safe!

8. You can text us

We are so excited to start offering texting options to our clients. We will be using this method to confirm and reschedule appointments. We will also be able to directly text back and forth with you about missing documents or questions. This means you can easily ask and answer questions about your taxes without having to call or email. You can text us using our same office number (608) 783-0440 . Remember, though it's safe to ask questions, you should never text personal information such as tax documents or social security numbers. We'd instead encourage you to use our secure client portal.

9. Online appointment request and chat

Along with our new website, we have added some convenient scheduling options. Right on our homepage, you can request an appointment, or even send us a direct message with any questions you may have. This is an easy way to schedule your tax appointment (whether in person or not), or to communicate with us. Please note: all appointment requests must be approved by a PKC 3 employee.

From daily temperature checks to hand sanitizer on every desk, your health remains a top priority for PKC 3. Not only are we keeping up with the constantly changing tax laws, but also the latest health precautions and procedures.

We look forward to serving you this tax season. As always, never hesitate to call with questions or concerns. Keep an eye out for your tax organizer, which should be either in your mailbox or email inbox, in the next couple weeks. Make sure to check if you have a proposed appointment and either confirm or change it with our receptionist.

Happy 2021 and Happy (Almost) Tax Season!

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